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Works great

I started with the free version, but the pro version was inexpensive and adds some useful features. Both are quick and convenient for seeing what devices are on your LAN.

Great Little App to scan IP networks

This is a great app, and I use it all the time. I used the free version for a while before happily paying the modest charge for the “Pro” version. You can select the active network interface, and you export a list of local devices, MAC addresses, Hostnames, Vendors and DNS Name, mDNS Name, SMB Name, SMB Domain. It would be nice if the exported .txt file included the names of the columns at the top. Great and useful app at a good price.

Use to be A Great Utility Now with Apple Security Update - Almost Useless

This utility was an awsome addition to lan management. Since the latest and rushed out Apple secuity system update (10.11.16), the host mac seems to provide a spoofed ip address. You can work around this issue by plugging in your actual network start address and range. LanScanPro will then scan you network and show ip addresses but it no longer provides you with their corresponding MAC addresses (except for the host computer). Also, the unique names you have previously imputed into the program to identify devices on your LAN appears to have been lost. Hopefully a fix is coming!

Love the app, one flaw

Love this app. Quick and simple scanner for IP addresses and Mac addresses. Only problem I have is randomly, Lan Scanner doesn’t pick up my LAN adapter address and defaults to the 192.168.2.x subnet. If I’m on the 10.0.1.x subnet and i try to scan, something is screwy where I don’t get MAC addresses and other info. On occasion, if i quit the app, come back in, it’ll realize that I’m on a different subnet and reconfigure to match that subnet. Also, I’d like to see a selectable option if I’m connected to a network with more than one adapter. I.E.: scan for thunderbolt_ethernet adapter OR toggle over to scan for Wireless adapter…. Still a great app.

Serious: $6 for a professional is a no-brainer for this product...

This tool is actually pretty fast and handy: saves a lot of time from manually searching for available IPs on a network. Also handy for networks where we want to figure out the IP of a freshly connected DHCP-enabled device for configuration! I know $6 seems a little steep for an app these days, but for a professional: our time is worth so much more! This is an unassociated & unsolicited review of LanScan Pro.

First tool I use

I use LanScan Pro every as my first tool whenever I arrive at a clients. Clear, clean results, and FAST! A usual scan of a small network is no more than 2-3 seconds.

Not able to display any information

The scan does not get mac addresses, vendor information and many details missing. Not even worth .99

Important upgrade

Version 3 of LanScan Pro brings a big improvment in its capability and speed. My biggest pain point with the earlier versions was that they lacked the ability to scan other LAN segments. That was a key feature I needed when working on client branch-to-branch VPNs. With that feature addressed in this update, about the only thing missing is the ability to test for common services, such as http daemons (good for finding rogue devices) or SMB shares (troubleshooting connectivity). Good app; a few features more and itll be perfect.

Need support for IPv6 network scanning

Need support for IPv6 network scanning and dual stack: ipv4 + ipv6


Excellent app. Does what it says in the description. No longer will I have to walk around my office to ask everyone what their IP address is when I see funny activity on the traffic analyzer. I would like to see Retina support as I have a Retina display, but it is entirely unnecessary. I know I can use various terminal commands to get all this same information, but this is just easier.

OK, but not much better than the Ouuter Software

Pro version. Used on an Airport Extream network that uses an Aiprort Express to extend its range. There are 11 devices on the network, including a printer attached directly to the Aiprot Exteam. It identified all of the ip and MAC addresses. It could not identify the names or vendor for two iPhones, which seemed odd as it was able to identify the vendor on the free version. It could not identify the printer and identified its vendor as Apple, Inc. and not HP. (It is noteworthy, that the Airport Extream could not identify the name or Vendor for the printer, so it may be a printer/configuration issue and not a software issue.) I did not identify any issues with the functionality to rename devices. It typically took three scans to get all the devices. It you want a convenient way to check the devices using your network, it will suffice. If you need to find a printer address it should work, but you may have to test to confirm that the identified device is your printer. I recomend trying the free version first. I would get it again. If I were recommending it to a friend, I would suggest that they try the free version to confirm it is a good fit for their needs.

Great little utility for examining network hosts

I have a home network with a variety of devices present. I love my wifi network and use it for all kinds of things. My prefered computers are Macs, a Mac Pro and a MacBook Pro. Also an HP workstation, printers, iPhones, and some other things. When I want to use "Remote Desktop Connection" I have to know what the IP number of a particular Windows box is. Merely looking at an "arp -a" display doesnt tell me which device is which. This utility quickly displays the IP numbers, MAC numbers and host names so that I can use the appropriate IP number for the Windows box to which I want to connect. This is a big timesaver for me. One downside I have found is that it fills the ARP table with several hundred unconnected entries that take a few minutes to disappear. This may slow down address resolution a bit during this time as it most likely uses a linear search of the ARP table during routing.A Overall though I like it and recommend it as worthwhile and worth the price.

Never Open! in Mac Os x 10.8.3

I bought this App but when im trying to open this app never open. i hope this great app can be fix soon.

Lacks a key feature

Wish you could choose to scan outside your network. Internally with a Multi-tennant enviornment and multiple subnets I think this key feature that is missing. Maybe in future release it will be available.

Just what I needed

This app doesnt have any bells and whistles, but it gave me just what I needed for an affordable price. I just needed to track and identify all the devices on my home network. Computers, media players, mobile devices … around 20 devices … and it was beginning to get difficult to manage. I was able to identify every single device, which allowed me to resolve some network conflicts.

Simple and to the point . . .

I’ve been suffering for the lack of a good scanner for some time. Most that I’ve seen lately try to reach too high, usually, I just want to be able to do a sweep ping and have a visual record. This li’l program does that with aplomb and is user friendly to boot. The last thing I want to have to do is remember a bunch of arcane details just to operate a simple utility, LanScan Pro is completely self explanitory.

It needs a few more features

Needs an option to scan selected ports.

Can’t modify subnet?

It works well, good information, and a quick scan. What I don’t like is that you cannot modify the subnet that you wish to scan like you can with a program like advanced ip scanner.

Great little app…efficient. Developers respond to comments.

This app does what it says it does and does it well. That’s all I ever ask. Please note that in this version they have added an option to scan selected ports…exactly what some reviewers have mentioned. In any case, I like it and it suits my needs.


Does exactly what it says it does and absolutly no more. This program would be more useful if 1. You could produce a “hard copy” report of the scan: pdf, or spreadsheet ready file csv for example. 2. You could specify a subnet to scan.

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